Antique rug for formal nursery (Style? Placement? Advice?)

5. Februar 2015
I realize that the words 'nursery' and 'formal' are practically oxy morons. Add my obsession with antique rugs and you've got just plain crazy. With twins. Two year old twins. Yes yes I know.

But I LOVE this room. They don't play in there any way because it's no practical for our home. There's pretty much nothing practical in this 4,000 square feet of unbelievable useless space. Useless but beautiful. Anyway, it's almost complete. I just need to decide on rug style and placement. I'm going vintage and traditional and can't test anything out because I'm buying it on eBay.

Here are my photoshopped mock-ups. My concerns are that the room is awesome and I don't want to sell it short with a muted faceless rug. But I also don't want to add yet another strong element. Anyone have thoughts?

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  • sooz001
    The all-over pattern looks nice, is still formal, but more interesting to little ones.
    ljbwilk hat sooz001 gedankt
  • horselover222
    I like the first and third rug choices
    ljbwilk hat horselover222 gedankt
  • ljbwilk
    Well I'm glad I asked. After I posted and looked at the photos myself, I thought the second (medallion?) was a given. So first or third, huh? The uniform pattern rug is about 3 times the cost of the medallion even though the medallion is genuine antique and silk. Problem with the medallion is the size. It's only 4x7 and the room itself is 15' by 15'...
  • n247080
    I like the 2nd one. It's calming, which is what I think you need for a room where rambunctious twins will slumber. It also has a more elegant and sophisticated look about it. The first is too bright and takes away from the rest of the room in a negative way and the third is too busy without any kind of real statement. #2 is my vote without question. FYI I love what you've done with the room!
    ljbwilk hat n247080 gedankt
  • ljbwilk hat Jamie gedankt
  • cpandrock
    I think the second one is the best choice.
    ljbwilk hat cpandrock gedankt
  • patatas
    For me, #3 is the obvious choice but I'm afraid I couldn't say why!
    ljbwilk hat patatas gedankt
  • greenfish1234
    Which ever one is easiest to clean barf and poop out of.
    ljbwilk hat greenfish1234 gedankt
  • horselover222
    Lol greenfish!!
    ljbwilk hat horselover222 gedankt
  • PRO
    Belltown Design
    Add texture with carpet. A warm soft blue, a tone that brings out the blue drapery. A solid, cushy , textural carpet. This will then really be a child's sleeping room.
    ljbwilk hat Belltown Design gedankt
  • PRO
    Belltown Design
    The patterns that you show are too lively
    ljbwilk hat Belltown Design gedankt
  • Emmy
    Don't like the first, at all. Really love both of the other two.
    ljbwilk hat Emmy gedankt
  • hatetoshop
    I prefer the 2nd.
    But also wondered if you should take into consideration that the children won't be in cribs for much longer -- once you switch to beds and, perhaps, new bedding, will that mean you will have to change the rug?
    ljbwilk hat hatetoshop gedankt
  • Melissa Foster Smith
    Any three of these will be well received by the twins. I think for sleeping, the middle photo- dark and baby blue with round design- might be most relaxing and it's definitely the most pleasing to the adult eye with the rest of your decor. The first one- bright blues- is a little shocking to me. Less formal, but some might say it adds a bit of childlike quality to the room. The third photo- overall pattern- seems too busy to me. Trying to look from both child and adult perspective, I think I'd go with the second one. You can always add more color with toys in the crib or bedding if you want. But if you go with either the brighter or busier rugs, you can't really tone it down.
    ljbwilk hat Melissa Foster Smith gedankt
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting
    I like the 3rd one best but still find this space not right for children they need something not so stuffy this is their space and should reflect what they like as opposed to what you like. And yes 2 yr. olds do know what colors they like and what art they like .
  • uncannyannie
    I think all three of those rugs are too overpowering for the space. They distract from the symmetry and beautiful windows. What about a lighter blue?
    6x9 Hand Knotted Light Blue Oushak Oriental Rug · Mehr Info

    Sky Blue Oushak Oriental Rug 8'x10' Hand Knotted 100% Wool Natural Dyes · Mehr Info
    ljbwilk hat uncannyannie gedankt
  • Sandy
    I like two or three. And I like the idea of a "formal" sleeping room. Very unique and brave. Out of curiosity, what is the art on the wall?
    ljbwilk hat Sandy gedankt
  • ljbwilk
    Thanks for asking, Sandy! I kind of love to brag about it because it took me FOREVER to find and I framed myself. The frames contain copies of handwritten sheet music. There's some controversy as to who wrote it -- I think experts believe now that it was the late wife of Johann Sebastian Bach.

    My husband and I have a thing about Bach-- we visited his hometown when we were dating and my wedding procession was BVW1007 (Cello Suite No. 1 in G Minor)-- a favorite of my dad's and a surprise to him until it began to play.

    Anyway, I chose BVW1043 for the twins room because it is a two part solo. Different parts meant to play together. My twins are identical so they are not so different but still. Here’s hoping for the future.
  • OldGrayMare
    The silk combo rug will be destroyed in no time with active children, and much harder to clean. stick with wool wool....
    ljbwilk hat OldGrayMare gedankt
  • Sandy
    I love sentimentally decorating. That's a very sweet story and a thoughtful way to have meaningful things around you. Don't get the nay sayers get you down. We all know toddlers can be messy. It sounds like you are well versed in the care of good carpets and know what you are getting into. Not all of us are willing to live in industrial grade plastic interiors just for the ease and durability. If you raise your children in a well cared for home with lovely things they will grow up learning to respect those things (indoor manners) and apprectiate the effort it took to curate and invest in those items.
    ljbwilk hat Sandy gedankt
  • Barbara Almandarz
    So many decisions.... It all comes down to what YOU want to look at. I suspect that room is strictly for sleeping and play will be elsewhere. So it's your preference.
    ljbwilk hat Barbara Almandarz gedankt
  • PRO
    CF Raines Interior Design
    I do think the second one is best of all three. But I also agree that maybe it should be a little different feel while still being traditional in feel. Maybe one that is more geometric in it's design or more of an open pattern so that you have some relief from the pattern and adding a warm color accent in a small amount in the rug might help the room feel just a little more warm. It is quite beautiful. The photo attached is a beautiful rug a client had that set the feel for the design of the room. Good Luck!
    ljbwilk hat CF Raines Interior Design gedankt
  • ljbwilk hat KK1000 gedankt
  • lmckuin

    I love the different votes! I'm giving my vote to #2 - seems like a clear winner to me!

    ljbwilk hat lmckuin gedankt
  • PRO
    Charmean Neithart Interiors
    Consider an over-dyed Persian rug. This style is a good bridge between modern and traditional. They are basically traditional patterned rugs that got dunked in a tub of bold color. The result is fun, but not too childish that it can't be used in other rooms when the twins get older. With the navy you have already, I would try a bright fuschia or turquoise. Hope that helps. Charmean Neithart
    This is what they look like...
    Cow Hollow Residence · Mehr Info
    ljbwilk hat Charmean Neithart Interiors gedankt
  • mimikil
    Looks fabulous.! Number 2 is a stand out. It is the obvious choice.
    ljbwilk hat mimikil gedankt
  • scottevie
    Number 2 is my preference. It makes me look towards the windows and frames rather than at the rug. Number 3 would be second choice.
    ljbwilk hat scottevie gedankt
  • PRO
    Kari McIntosh Design
    Number three would be my pick. The colors and scale of the pattern "sing" the best with your room. The first one is WAY too small. You will regret that choice and I think the medallion gets suffocated between the cribs. Beautiful room. Best of luck!
    ljbwilk hat Kari McIntosh Design gedankt
  • Deb Heidmiller
    I prefer 2. Have fun with those toddlers!
    ljbwilk hat Deb Heidmiller gedankt
  • pgeraghtyca

    My boys would have turned the border of #2 into a railroad, roadway, airplane runway in no time. That's a good thing. I like the idea of looking to the future and choosing a rug that could be used elsewhere in the future. There will come a time for baseball bats and rock stars.

    ljbwilk hat pgeraghtyca gedankt
  • PRO
    Nazmiyal Collection

    Vintage Scandinavian Rug <-- Something more vintage may do the trick as well:

    ljbwilk hat Nazmiyal Collection gedankt
  • abbyjean

    Number 3 caught my eye right away.

  • dianezz
    I think 2 ties it all together perfectly. The first is too bright and distracts from the beautiful far wall and the third seems too... can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't fit in my opinion. Love the room!
  • leemiller

    Just make sure the rug is big enough and I would go with wool vs a wool silk blend. We have Persian rugs in our home and while I'm too sentimental to put any in my daughter's room yet I think the key for us keeping things clean has been no food anywhere but the dining room table. No exceptions. That means no snacks/drinks/etc. We also only let my daughter draw at the dining room table. So far 3+ years, so good (surely something will be destroyed 60 seconds after I write this…)

    PS I picked out crazy things too. Only regret was the white rocker cover fabric, really, really a ridiculous choice. I need to buy a new one because I'm sick of dry cleaning it - it just gets random dirt on it.

  • intown123
    I like three. As someone else mentioned I don't love the medallions sandwiched between the cribs in the other two. Like your choice of a formal rug though. I have a red Persian rug in my toddlers' playroom. If it suits your aesthetic at all I might try to work some modern pieces into the room as well.
  • Lisa Bird
    Love #3.
  • iamlacey iamlacey

    #3...i don't like chopping the medalion with the cribs and when you switch to beds #3 has the greatest chance of "playing nice" with what ever bedding you pick.

  • qam999

    Agree with Kari re medallion (#2) being suffocated in that space, and #1 looks way skimpy. So #3 is an easy choice for me. Cute nursery! Hope the babies can live up to it! :-)

    Also, hand-knotted wool rugs were made to be used in the desert, laid in the dirt, walked on with dust-covered feet, then folded up and loaded on to camels. Rug merchants today think nothing of unrolling a fine wool rug out onto asphalt and letting 1000 customers walk on it. These rugs are durable and cleanable. (Stick with 100% wool for this....no silk.) I'm sure a sweet little baby can't be any worse than a camel.

  • pam h

    No 2 by a landslide. Love the story of the sheet music and the room! 2 year-olds can't decorate. Follow your aesthetic and they too will learn to appreciate beautiful surroundings.

  • carolyngarland
    Don't like first. Harsh. Like second, correct mood and tone .
  • mirandask


  • PRO
    S Mistry Interiors

    Number 2. Number 1 is the one in 4 x 7? That seems too small

  • carolyngarland
    I like the two shown by uncanny Annie best. This is not a nursery for infants, it is a room for two year old boys. They will soon be in real beds. Pick out beds and bedding, then choose a rug. Size, tone and pattern may all change. They will also eventually be 10, 12, 15, you need to decide how often you want to redo as they become young men.
  • PRO
    S Mistry Interiors

    Actually I don't like the placement of number 2 because of medallion. Can you find something similar to 3 but not as loud?

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