POLL: What will be the kitchen trends in 2016?

Emmeline Westin
18. Dezember 2015

If you browse the kitchen photos on Houzz, you find so many cool features. Clever storage solutions are popular, as is pendant lighting! But which features will trend next year, what will we see more and more of?

Do you want to give it a go and predict what we'll be talking about in our 2016 roundup?

Industrial kitchen fulham with brick wall and critall style sliding doors · Mehr Info

Boiling water tap
Wine fridge
Built-in gadget station
Smart technology (i.e. appliances connected to apps)
Something else - tell us!

Kommentare (42)

  • Laraine Clarke
    I had a pantry built in to the corner of my kitchen and its the best thing I did. The door is glazed and frosted and the frame painted to match my units. The interior light comes on automatically when I open the door. The floor to ceiling storage with wheeled bins on the floor is wonderful. Everything is easy to find. I feel pleased every time I go in there.
  • rhiwee
    would love to see a picture. . .
  • peckadoodle

    Me too as thinking about doing the same and trying to convince my husband!

  • Amanda Robinson

    I'll add my voice to requesting a photo!

  • Laraine Clarke
    OK I have to confess that I have not painted the door yet. You may be able to spot the colour patch tests on the inside of the door. It holds a lot of stuff for its size and its really handy by the island. We're a bit chaotic here today I'm making Roman Blinds for the sitting room and we have visitors tomorrow. Thanks for your interest.
  • Jonathan
    Personally I hope that we will become more invested in keeping the sleek lines of modern kitchens and the traditional feel of shaker kitchens. I say the American fridge has had its day in favour of built in appliances
  • PRO
    wild Lampshade Designs
    I kept my pantry when we renovated our house 15 years ago, it had the old slab and a drop down to it but we filled the hole and removed the slab, this took away a little space but made it feel part of the kitchen made a new door painted it dark blue and voila it has been useful ever since. Although ready for a little decoration now.
  • PRO
    wild Lampshade Designs
    Sorry seem to have repeated myself ! By the way I think trends for 2016 will be more natural with a Scandinavian feel. If I had a good sized kitchen I would have a central island with all the walls free a bit like a central shop counter with space on the middle !!
  • slookys

    We are currently doing drawings for an extension. The ground floor extension will be the kitchen diner with lounge seating at the end. I have included a walk in pantry as this will allow me to keep kitchen surfaces free and I will not need wall cupboards. I am 6ft tall and have always felt wall cupboards to be a hindrance and in my last house chose not to have any. I think it makes the kitchen look more attractive. I have also lived in a house with a small walk in pantry, it makes life in the kitchen a lot easier. But it has to be located in the right place.

  • PRO
    Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

    I'm so pleased to see the pantry coming back into vogue - it's such a great way to store food items. Lower shelves can be used for the bargain bulk buys we all want but often don't know where to put such as trays of beer and large packs of loo rolls; then high shelves are ideal for jams and preserves. In the middle you can have everything handy from tinned goods to fresh produce, eggs and home-made cakes. Keep it cool with good vermin proof ventilation and if you decide to install underfloor heating retrospectively make sure to avoid the pantry!

    The trend to make the kitchen the place to socialise and cook will continue so the pantry plays an important role in the floor plan as does a separate utility room/laundry facility. The kitchen is more and more part of the living space; not just for cooking it's an area for eating, entertaining, craftwork and homework. So it needs to look more like a living room and be integrated into the design of that space rather than a separate area. I want to see kitchen units raised in status and treated more like pieces of furniture!

  • elliebumblebee

    As a kitchen designer myself I'm hoping more people be more adventurous with their kitchen. It's one of the most important rooms in the house so why play safe? Create interest and a talking point. I think the industrial style is still going to be big, copper tones, greys, dark woods, bare brick, Teal.

  • Diana Rose
    Ovens which are also steamer ovens.
  • PRO
    Christoff by Alana Creations Ltd.

    Matt finish in preference to High Gloss finish on handle less kitchen

  • PRO
    Amber Jeavons Ltd

    Hello Emmeline,

    I think matt finishes have been here for some time.. deVOL and Plain English.. but I'd like to see more interesting ideas for cabinet fronts.. Handles carved into wood forming a design in themselves that's equally design as well as function... I find I don't like a lot of kitchens I see.. I hate islands and bar stools..

    I'd like to see them as more interesting linear cooking areas with less obtrusive overhead extraction or sleeker, silent options that are hidden... Who want's a funnel over their hob!

    Fridges that provide recipes with an overview of what is stored within.. Voice activated appliances... "Kettle On"! (built in fill indicator to prevent hazzard boiling empty)

    Dualit to provide a full copper toaster and a kettle that matches- they have never got the kettle quite right... I love the chrome toaster .. It's a thing of beauty! Copphrome is just a tease!

    Erm what else... 3d printed food with a view to a whole menu.. Anyone who's a star trek fan will know this would be gr8! Along with stem cell burgers! : ))

    Emmeline Westin hat Amber Jeavons Ltd gedankt
  • Sarah

    Apps would certainly be my choice.

  • Moogles

    "Christoff by Alana Creations Ltd.

    Matt finish in preference to High Gloss finish on handle less kitchen"

    And this is what we have just gone with.

    A Pronorm, handle less, matt grey/rift oak kitchen.

  • PRO
    Nathan Kingsbury Limited

    Smart technology, using your iPhone to prepare your morning coffee!

  • Average Jo

    There's a boiling water tap in the canteen at work... addictively convenient!

  • gilliifer

    Boiling water tap in a family kitchen ? Doesn't anyone have children or failing elders around ? Very dangerous. Boil the kettle in a safe place.

    I'm going off trend and predicting the end of massive open plan boxes. They look great in photographs, but most people are not immaculately tidy, need some privacy, and like to get warm and cosy after a long hard day. Alot of people have pets and don't want them all over the work tops or white floor tiles. Not everyone can afford to heat a large area all day either.

  • PRO
    John Ryan Developments

    making a cup of tea will never be easier.

  • broadleaves

    I would like to put out a plea to kitchen appliance designers - keep operation simple. What's wrong with a knob to turn an oven on. We've just taken delivery of a new AEG oven and its sooooo complicated to get the oven to work. I have to spend ages toggling through all the functions until I find the one I want. I'm struggling to use the timer too so I'm going to have to go out an buy one of the old fashioned wind up ones! The idea of apps to manage my cooking is my idea of a nightmare. I want a kitchen where friends and relatives feel at home and don't need a degree in computer programming just to turn on the oven if they are trying to help.

    Pantry every time for me.

  • PRO
    Nest Kitchens

    We are looking forward to specifying natural materials like woods, marble and metallics to give warmth and texture.

    A pantry would be our choice, most of our clients are currently specifying these.

  • PRO
    david connor design

    i think 2016 boiling water taps will be big

  • PRO
    Groome & Sons Limited

    boiling water tap is the way forward - instant cup of tea!!

  • Bebe Price

    Hopefully old-school pantry - I think it'd be nice to keep kitchens the heart of the home without (too many) gadgets... More food, less technology!

  • PRO
    Say Architects

    We believe technology will integrate into our daily lives more and more

  • PRO
    idesign international

    Hidden kitchens behind big, smooth sliding doors.

  • PRO
    in-toto kitchens cambridge

    Handeless cabinets, boiling tap and of course the induction hob

  • PRO
    DPAD | Duckworth Planning and Design

    Pantries are making a serious come back and they are so versatile adding huge amounts of value to the kitchen space as you are able to store everything together, out of the way saving a bit of kitchen cupboard space. Also the best ones are solidly made, cold and dark to help keep food fresh; solid walls (and thick) are a must unless you use special insulation.

  • PRO
    Camilla Banks Interior Design

    Practical storage space in a kitchen is essential

  • PRO
    Woodside Parker Kirk architects

    Our clients always love the extra space you get from a pantry, somewhere to store lots of items hidden out of sight

  • Andy Green

    open plan living and islands

  • PRO
    Spiral Cellars

    Voting for the wine fridge - but have to give a shout out to the beautiful kitchen wine cellar, two in one!

    Spiral Cellar with Glass Trap Door · Mehr Info

  • PRO
    Indigo Acre

    It's going to be all about the Smart Technology!

  • Nicki Marotta

    Smart technology is becoming a key area to incorporate in all design schemes, not just for the luxury market.

  • PRO
    moda architects

    nest technology

  • PRO
    Kitchens International

    We love all these aforementioned features, but so far this year a very
    sleek, linear look with handleless cabinetry and a few hi-tech appliances that
    make cooking, entertaining and living easier and more enjoyable has been the strongest trend with our designers and clients :).

  • PRO
    Perrin & Rowe

    Instant Hot Water taps would be our choice!

  • PRO
    MJB Carpentry

    Hot water taps for us too!

  • Dee at the Carlton

    Having enough storage makes a huge difference to a kitchen - we had ours redone in 2015 & we decided on a lot of storage, with the cupboards scribed to the ceiling (no my dust at the top of the units) as well as useable long counter tops that are practical for preparing & cooking. We also opted to have a microwave built in because it frees up the counter in the adjoining utility. http://deeatthecarlton.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-kitchen-is-beautiful.html

    Kitchens have to be practical because it is a space which is generally used a lot in most homes ...

  • PRO
    McEvoy & Rowley

    We've seen an increase in customers interest in the Quooker boiling water taps this year for sure! For those worried about having children around the house, Quooker have a childproof push-and-turn handle and the water is dispensed in a fine spray to prevent burns.

  • PRO
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