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At Neil Brown - Handyman and Renovations we believe that everyone should live in their space just how they want it. So whether your space is an apartment, house or office, whether rented or purchased, old or new; we are here to help. For over a decade, we have been renovating and fulfilling homeowner renovation dreams with my handyman and full-service expertise. Our standards of work, craftsmanship, and execution reflect the highest quality. We are focused on customer experience and satisfaction when it comes to project realisations. The range of our services includes smaller projects such as repair-work and installations, all the way through to large full-home renovations. If you want a complete interior makeover, with decking and paving or simply one area of the property renovated or decorated, we cover most projects within our team. You won’t need to contact different contractors; if we do need to bring in other trades we’ll organise them for you so you can relax as we handle the project from start to finish. We understand that having trades people come to your home or business can be disruptive, so we’ll work with you to make sure it is kept to a minimum. We will always agree dates and times of work in advance, if we say we will be there – we will and we know that a job is only complete when our clients say that it is. So, if you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom, kitchen or living room, decorating the spare room tidying up the guest room or creating a study – simply get in touch and we’ll discuss what you need, help you with the design and provide a detailed quotation. Customer support and care is for me of utmost importance. We work closely with expats in my area to ensure their home projects run smoothly and on schedule. We are capable of helping you realise your home project, whether small or large. I am a one-stop-shop for your renovation projects. Hope to hear from you soon!


Abrissarbeiten, Anbau, Badrenovierung, Barrierefreies Bauen, Baumanagement, Baustellenvorbereitung, Betonbau, Blockhausbau, Carport-Montage, Dachaufbau, Dachausbau, Dachbodensanierung, Dacherneuerung, Dachsanierung, Duscheinbau, Energieeffizienzhäuser, Erweiterungen, Estrichleger, Fassadenreparatur, Fassadensanierung, Fassadenverkleidung, Fenstermontage, Fertighäuser, Fliesenlegen, Fundamentarbeiten, Fußbodenaufbau, Fußbodenverlegung, Garagenbau, Gartenhaus-Design & Bau, Hausbau, Hausrenovierung, Haussanierung, Haustür-Montage, Holzfassaden, Holzhäuser-Bau, Immobiliengutachten, Innentür-Montage, Kellersanierung, Klinkerfassaden, Luxussanierung, Massivhäuser, Mauerwerk, Mehrgenerationenhaus, Metallbedachung, Modulhaus-Anbieter, Nachhaltiges Bauen, Passive Solarenergienutzung, Photovoltaik-Montage, Terrassenbau, Wohnungsumbau


Wellen, Luxembourg, Saarburg, Trier, Kordel, Schweich, Wiltingen, Kell am See, Mandern, Hermeskeil, Palzem


USt-IdNr.: 7169766


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Neil Brown - Handyman & Renovations


+352 621 190 794


Moselstrasse 48
54441 Wellen

Durchschnittliche Projektkosten

€1.000 -


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