Fabric softener in washer or dryer?

Emily H
14. Mai 2014
Do you use fabric softener in your washing machine or dryer? Is there a difference? Maybe you don't use it at all?

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  • kranno
    Tw123456, I don't know how you think I am a Mother Earth worshiper. I think you meant your comments for someone else. I use Tide, Downey, Bounce and Clorox, so there. I don't believe in climate change. This discussion is getting too far off base.
  • resist9
    Never used fabric softener. I'm not interested in adding a strong scent and slick surface to my clothes.
  • saltcitybabe
    tw123456 I suggest YOU live your self righteous and self centered life the way most consumers in this country do. Let the rest of us, in our small way, try to be cognizant of the over consumption rampant in this country. If the truth hurts, tough. Get off your high horse and do the research. No one is dictating to you. There are plenty of pleasant people we can have discourse with. Actually, you are amusing, and if you feel you have to defend the way you live, I am sorry for you.
  • tw123456
    Saltcity, You sound so fooooolish, and silly ;0), read what you just posted to me, I think you are the self righteous one, and what's more, I can tell that you are GREEN with envy of people who are willing and able to consume the things they want without feeling Guilty, as you apparently do.
    Oh, one more thing, a reminder to you, don't butt in into other people's conversations, but I guess you just can't help your self, because you are just a busybody ;0))).
  • tw123456
    kranno, I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but when I saw the word earth, I thought you were one of those environmentalists, who are always screaming about one thing or another, and trying to make everyone miserable.
  • Ali
    I was taught that proper etiquette was to never discuss religion or politics because they are so highly contentious. I'm thinking I am going to add fabric softener to that as well. Who knew?!
  • km kane
    Kranno, I'll bet tw123456 was directing that rant to me. But I don't care, we do share the earth. And we do need to think about its health. As Margaret Meade said, "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    We no longer use ozone-depleting hydro-chlorofluorocarbons in spray containers, do we? We THOUGHT they were safe, until we saw the damage they caused. So we eliminated them where possible. And lots of other chemical we used to use. After all, we DO reserve the right to get smarter.

    Ozone depletion was a globally significant issue, and it did contribute to climate change. So yeah, I believe in climate change, and that chemicals can be damaging.

    Use products that work for you, but do remember that much of what we do affects others. And it's OK for those others to ask you to remember that. No need to get wildly angry about it.
  • tw123456
    Since someone earlier had mentioned dryer sheets cause towels to be rough, I think I'll try using fabric softener along with the dryer sheets.
  • Sharyn
    I wonder if the women who beat their clothes against a rock had this discussion?
  • Tes Scholtz
    Oh probably, Sharyn! I can't believe some women had the nerve to beat their clothes against obsidian rocks when this nice piece of granite is just up the river!!
  • tw123456
    Most likely Sharyn, Mother Earth lovers, must have constantly harassed the rock beaters, because they thought that the women were beating their clothes way too hard, and hurting Mother Earth's rocks. LOL
  • Bridget
    Tw123456, sorry, did not know you were so touch. All I was trying to do was point out something's, make people think or maybe read some labels. Did not mean to start WWIII.
    Call me a tree huger if you want. I do enjoy where I live, being able to walk in nature, seeing the rare wild flowers, the Pink Lady Slippers, Fringed Yellow Orchids, different Trillium. I also get to see black bears, foxes, coyotes and mountain lions, Great Horned Owl, falcons, hawks, red headed woodpeckers. June is the mating time of fireflies and I get to see the greatest light show on earth.

    What I don't have are boom boxes, car alarms, hearing pistol shots, police sirens, police screaming for someone to get out of the F***en car, light pollution. I am not asking anyone to move where I am, as a matter of I wish they would stay away.

    What I do know is I can not use fabric softener, have not been able to for over 30 years, can not eat anything with preservatives. That GMO do cause problems that we are not fully aware of, yet.

    All I was trying to do was to have, maybe, a few people think.
  • tw123456
    Good morning kamkane, you are right, you are the ONE I was directing my comment to.
  • tw123456
    Good morning kranno, I do apologize for the mix up in the posts, the mix up in the names was my mistake. As you can see, some of the letters are similar in both names.
    Again, I do apologize.
  • kranno
    While it has been interesting, I believe we have come to an understanding of one another. Right? I am signing off and putting my two cents worth in on other posts on Houzz. Maybe some of you will too.
  • Josephine Vella
    ho ho ho wait a minute I never insulted anyone !I was saying what I do may I should`nt be bothered!!!!
  • eochu
    After having no dryer at all for a year or so (line-drying everything in salty Caribbean air) I realized we really didn't need softener. Never used it in the 10 years since and never missed it. I'm another one who is sensitive to strong fragrances, but I'm certainly not about to tell my neighbors how to do their laundry. If I am walking by when they have their dryer running, I just hold my breath for a second.
  • tw123456
    eochu, a good motto to live by, is, "live and let live".
  • km kane
    Yep tw123456, didn't take much to figure out you were going after me. Still not sure why you have to go after anyone. So I'm with kranno, those comments are just too negative and acerbic to stay. I've learned as much as I need, and once the attacks start, it's degraded to the point of being unproductive. Have at it. Guess I'll know who to beware of from now on.
  • Bridget
    Kmkane, I thought tw123456 was coming after me! I had a WTF moment(1/2 a second) and that was a bit over the top. At least tw123456 could have spelled your user name correctly. I am with you and kranno, moving on.

    To tw123456:
  • tw123456
    Good morning everyone ;0), are you getting flooded with rainstorms daily, we sure are, but I wish it would quit raining, so I can hang the laundry out on the line.
  • saltcitybabe
    Last night I googled chemicals and their effects in fabric softeners. The article also stated how they effected the washer and dryer. There is nothing healthy about using the liquid or sheets. I know that some of you don't really believe that we, and the earth, and the atmosphere are suffering from all these unnecessary additives in what we put in, on, and around us 24/7. But, I and many of us are. The problem is, as much effort as some of us put into being proactive concerning all these issues, we are still subject to contamination by those who stubbornly cling to them. Have a great weekend. I am off to the gym, but first a stop at the paper recycling bin.
  • tw123456
    No rain this afternoon so, we are having a big fish, clam, and lobster cookout/bake, then it's off to the demolition derby tonight. I hope everyone is going to have a great Fathers' Day weekend.
    I forgot the frog gigging, and a pic of one of the demolition derbies we had been to.
  • saltcitybabe
  • tw123456
    Good morning Ketan ;0), I am sorry I have not been able to post some pics of the deck, we are listing our house for sale, (have been very busy) and the painters will not be here for a few days, The deck needs to be power washed, and painted. I, in a couple of hours, will go out, and take a few pics for you to see.
  • maarivekki
    basically we don't use driers in Italy. Saves a huge lot of power and nature resources!
  • partim
    I wish my neighbor didn't use scented dryer sheets. It smells unpleasantly strong in my back yard when her dryer is running. I'd rather smell my own flowers.

    My workplace is scent free. It is so much more pleasant than when people wore perfumes and highly scented products. But then, I remember when people smoked in the office - now that was really nasty, especially when I was pregnant.

    Times have changed.
  • kranno
    Do you work outside the home? Maybe we are spoiled in the U.S. to have dryers and other modern conveniences, but most of us have had to work. When I was first married, I remember using a wringer washer and hanging clothes outside on the line. Hope I never have to go back to that scenario.

    When I worked before retirement, there was one employee that used way too much perfume, I believe, to hide body odor. So I understand someone not liking fabric softener odor mingling with the outside fresh air. But these neighbors must live extremely close.
  • partim
    I don' t know whether you'd say we are extremely close, our houses are about 12 feet apart. We live in the city, not in the country. Their dryer vent discharges from the side of their house in my house's direction.

    The smell is strong enough that the other day my husband got a fit of sneezing from the strong smell and we decided to stop gardening and go indoors until the dryer stopped.
  • tw123456
    partim, I think your husband did the right thing, when he went in the house. When people complain about certain tv shows, those people are always told to switch the channel, because there are others who want to watch those shows.
  • partim
    I think it's quite different from the TV show analogy. The neighbor's actions prevented our enjoyment.

    We weren't happy to have to go in the house because our neighbor is dumping completely unnecessary stinking chemicals into the common air. My husband and I both work, and the weekend is the only time that we have to enjoy gardening.

    We didn't do the right thing by choice, we were driven into the house.
  • kranno
    We live in the city too and our closest neighbor is probably about as close as yours. I love the dryer smell, but understand if you do not. This issue is the first I have ever heard anyone have problems like mentioned on here and I am 72 years old.
  • tw123456
    saultcity, and Bridget, I thought you two were leaving this thread.
    Partim, do you know if your neighbors also work during the week, because if they do, then it is the only time they have to do their chores. I have a feeling you are going to say that they don't, or one of them does not.
    Also, do you think your neighbors like seeing out there all the time, because you being outside, might be annoying them too, just saying.
  • partim
    My neighbor does not work during the week. The mother is fortunate to be able to stay home with her young children. It would be nice if the laundry was done during the week but this is their choice of course.

    I don't know the point of your asking whether they can see us from their yard. We cannot see each other because of where we planted our trees 27 years ago. Unfortunately there is no way to "screen" the outdoors for smells.

    They are lovely neighbors. I'm not a curmudgeon who complains nonstop about people.

    My only point is about the use of dryer sheets, and that using them does affect other people if your dryer vents outdoors.
  • adivra
    After reading throught these comments I happened to stop in at Home Goods and came across "woolzies," dryer balls. At $13.00for three, I thought they were pricey but purchased anyway. Love them, I do believe drying time is cut down.
  • saltcitybabe
    advira, I stop at Home Goods every Tuesday after my line dance class. Will look for them. Someone mentioned wadding up tin foil and tossing that in the dryer.
  • tw123456
    Last week I helped a friend by cleaning her gas range trivets, and the plates under them with a heavy duty oven cleaner, while she was out of town, and yes she sure was surprised.
    Boy, talking about bad scents, and fumes, was good I was able to open the doors and windows to get all those fumes out, and get the fresh air in.
  • steiner
    I mainly stopped using them for the health issues but my biggest concern is the fire hazard. After cleaning dryer vent pipes in many different houses I've owned I can see how it creates a sticky lint mess. It's amazing how fast the critter cage on the vent cover clogs up when using dryer sheets versus not using them. I also have found several mummified critters in vents that did not have the critter cage over the vent cover.
    I have started using some of these more natural remedies like my grand parents used. Don't miss the chemicals or scents at all. I dry most everything on low heat and it seems to take the same amount of time, isn't as wrinkled, isn't baked to death and saves energy. I have your basic model washer and dryer and they do the same if not better than the high tech models which I've had in the past. Do you really need a computer to run these and the repair bills are ridiculous.
    The only good use of cheap Lilac scented dryer sheets is for mosquito repellent.
  • PRO
    Gilmans Kitchens and Baths
    No fabric softener in either washer & dryer. I air dry all my more delicate items, and the rest really doesn't cling. Saves $$ and is healthier that way.
  • PRO
    Either one since I happen to love the clean linen smell. #BeSeenBeSafe
  • momof5x
    I use it as it makes ironing towels much easier, also prevents static and is help with quality of water in some places. I heard using the dry ones is best in a dryer. I use liquid one though as hang washing outside.
  • Shannon
    I use felted wool dryer balls. They help soften the clothes and also shorten the drying time. I have very sensitive skin and am migraine prone. I avoid chemicals whenever possible.
  • saltcitybabe
    Fabric softener can also adhere to the plate of your iron. I didn't know one ironed towels.
  • chloebud
    Neither for me, too. Someone mentioned their products.
  • PRO
    Interior Affairs -- Vickie Daeley
    Dryer sheets...are great!
  • suezbell

    When I add fabric softener, I only add a small bit of unscented to the FIRST rinse and this is mostly to cut the soap suds and make the clothes rinse more fully. That way the clothes are not as stiff as they might be without softener -- they don't have the softener smell but then they don't have all the softener oil left on the towels impeding absorbancy or making clothes itchy to sensitive skin either.

  • Judy Henry
    I use detergent, fabric softener and bleach and never had any problems with either of them. I guess I'm not sensitive.
  • ritting28
    I add distilled white vinegar in the washer softener dispenser. Works great.
  • Lisa Gauldin

    I use odoban as my detergent and softener, it works great, smells awesome and does not gunk up my washer ( that is a wonderful bactrial breeder ;) ) I use it at an antifungal strength for the rest of my household cleaner, it is good for deodorizer ( which is what I bought it for in the first place), it's at home depot, very reasonable in price, lavender, clean linen, citrus, and eucalyptus scents , I like them all, not overpowering but the scent lasts, I also use proffessional grade clorox from home depot.

  • e p

    No fabric softeners for me - 1. I think it makes clothing feel weird and greasy 2. it stinks to high heavens (along with detergents like Tide and Gain - you can smell people who them a block away... ). Unscented detergent and no dryer sheets for me thanks.

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