Lindemann Group
Lindemann is best known for plus energy buildings of the future and smart city megaprojects in GCC.

The growing venture works on designing iconic and intelligent buildings and real estate projects of all sizes. From project development, analysis, early design, research and feasibility studies to BIM and final construction. Services include Architecture, Design, Planning, Consulting, Research and Ventures.

Currrently, Lindemann has offices in Abu Dhabi, Bad Oeynhausen, Cologne and Munich. The range of projects locations is truly international, from Germany to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from the United Arab Emirates to UK and Australia.

Architecture, Design, Planning, Consulting, Research, Ventures.
Kontakt: Tobias Lindemann
Standort: Al Maryah Island, ADGM Square
Al Maqam Tower, 34-35th Floor
Abu Dhabi 80333
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate