Síol is a metaphor. With its literal definition as seed in the Gaelic tongue, the word Síol can be understood as both a noun and a verb. The use of this word as a verb is symbolic of our design process. To seed (to place, to introduce) represents the sowing of a conceptual device in a specific environment. It is the embodiment of a collective mission statement and a shared philosophy that responds to the architecture of both self and place.

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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: What is the make of the toilet pictured here Hi there, sorry we missed your question! The model we used is a Duravit PuraVida wall mounted toilet with the Geberit in-wall carrier.
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Love wall... Hey there, sorry we missed your question! As with any naturescape, bugs are possible; the key is to tend your garden frequently and mindfully.
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Container Dimensions Hi there, thanks for your question! The childrens’ plotting table is 24” high, and the planter heights are 24” and 30".
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Who makes the french doors? Thank you. Hi Florian! This was a remodel of a turn-of-the-century residence and the French doors were original to the home.
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Stunning! Thanks for your question Joel! We created a concealed conduit before pouring the concrete to ensure we had space to install an LED uplight in the central niche.
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: I love the wall. Does it require a lot of maintenance? This living wall has an integrated drip irrigation system which recycles water as well as a row of grow lights along the ceiling. It only required pruning and he occasional addition/ subtraction of a ...
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