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Traditional Spanish Tile Stickers

Moonwallstickers.com Traditional Spanish Tile Stickers This set consists of 16 wall tile stickers which you can attach easily. Designed to makeover your kitchen tiles , backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles , each sticker perfectly matches your tile-size (please select a size above) since we deliver pre-cut parts. These wall tile covers can be added to liven up your tiles without any real work or commitment, Traditional Spanish Tiles are the perfect choice. Just peel them off when you get tired of them. Transform your bathroom or kitchen wall tiles, quick and mess free with Traditional Spanish Tiles . All our self adhesive stickers for wall tiles are: Very easy to install on any sleek and clean surface. Ideal for renters to improve a kitchen backsplash Ideal for both Kitchen and Bathroom tiling. Made from solid, durable material. Heat and water resistant. Can be applied over existing tiles, directly onto the wall or onto any smooth non-porous surface. Will cover existing tiles without showing the tile underneath. Complete instructions included with each set. Instalation Instructions: Clean the tiles you wish to cover using a non-abrasive cleaner. Align Tile with the top of the tile. Adjust as needed then press firmly with a straight edge tool (a credit card works perfectly) from top to bottom, carefully pushing out any air bubbles. The tiles can be installed by anyone without making any mess. Note: Your tiles should be clean, smooth and free of irregularities. Materials & Characteristics for your sticker .Made of Antibacterial PVC, high quality and resistant to abrasion or washing. .This wall tile stickers are water-resistant and can bear temperature up to 70°C / 158ºF. .For cleaning just use a cloth and normal bathroom cleanser. .They’re fully waterproof. .Fitting instructions are supplied with all our tile stickers and installation is as easy as peeling from the backing sheet and applying the design to the tile smoothing down with your finger. .Printed on a white background .
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