Stainless Steel Atelier
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Stainless Steel Design.

We are a hands on high end Stainless Steel Design and custom production company based in Germany. Originally based in the heart of the Sonoma co. wine country of California, we combine our liberal thinking and design eye along with German engineering to produce top products tailor made to fit our customer’s individual needs. Each functional design project is a unique, handcrafted one of a kind, with utmost attention to quality and finish work.

Understanding the value of quality, innovation and the soothing power the visual plays on the inner-self today as well as understanding how complicated the world has become and how stressful and fast paced life has become is very important. Our works and designs live and give something in return.

Gate Installation

Cadolzburg, Deutenbach, Erlangen, Gerasmühle, Großhabersdorf, Großreuth bei Schweinau, Heilsbronn, Heroldsberg, Herzogenaurach, Kammerstein, Langenzenn, Laufamholz, Obermichelbach, Puschendorf, Rednitzhembach, Reichelsdorf, Roßtal, Seukendorf, Stein bei Nürnberg, Tuchenbach

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Master in Metal Design.
Kontakt: John & Karin Crouse
Standort: Bach Str. 9
90522 Oberasbach
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We will prosecute any who violate these terms.

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Durchschnittliche Projektkosten: $2,000 - 150,000
Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Out of Africa (African Gate) Hello Fr. Vogel, Thanks for the interest in one of our Gates. If you visit our site at and send us a mail or call or e-mail us at we would be happy to answer...
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: How much and where can I buy these beautiful gates ? Hi Jenny. Just write us an e-mail at: and let us know if your interested what your project is and a few measurements so as that we can give you an idea of the costs. Also important i...
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Hat einen Kommentar hinterlassen: Could you give me a guide price for the metal African gate ? Hello. Glad you like our gates. Have you seen the rest of the pictures of the gate? They show the results of sunset glow and what lighting plays as a role. This gate as by most of our gates, has the ...
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